Market Report

21 September 2021


When shopping in our store please use the Check In Tas app and follow social distancing rules, such as keeping 1.5m distance from others and practicing good hygiene.

Special Buys

Great buys this week include bananas, large celery, red capsicum and Pinkeye potatoes.

New Arrivals

Mandarins and Navel seedless oranges are selling well. Tassie potatoes are in abundant supply. We have Dutch Cream, kennebec, Kestrel and Seymore Golds available in 10kg bags. . Tassie  apples are available. We have Red Fuji, Envy, Granny Smiths, Jazz and Royal Gala. Great winter lines available are tangelos, Honey Murcott, seedless Tangold and Imperial mandarins and Winter Cole pears.

Out of Stock

Persimmons, chestnuts, quinces and pomegranates have now finished.