Market Report

20 August 2019

Special Buys

Great buys this week include whole cabbages, zucchini, lemons, and Gourmet tomatoes.


New Arrivals

New season Pink Eye potatoes have just arrived. Quality and size is excellent. Skin is peeling with the slightest of touch. Hickson and Imperial mandarins and tangelos are in-stock and selling well. Tangelos are juicy, sweet and tangy. Tasmanian apples are selling well, we currently have Scifresh (Jazz), Red Fuji, Granny Smith, Scilate (Envy) and Royal Gala. Aussie Navel seedless oranges are eating well. Fresh turmeric and lemongrass is available. Seville marmalade oranges are still available.

Out of Season

Tasmanian berries have finished.

10c surcharge on plastic shopping bags

$20 Minimum purchase for eftpos


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